All About Zuri

All About Zuri


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Hey guys, it's Angel and i am an aspiring frontend developer and also a Zuri intern They say experience is a great teacher but i believe learning from other people's experiences is actually the greatest.

My experience so far in Zuri's training has been a regal one and all i can say to the whole team is a big thank you for this great opportunity they offered me.

The first week of the training was a little bit rowdy and disorganized because everyone was still trying to settle in(P.S I was actually pissed and overwhelmed a little about this because i had a similar experience in another internship program). After settling in and registering, i started becoming familiar with the workspace. I got to meet new and amazing people of Zuri and i must say i am impressed with a few i got to connect with. I almost forgot the games night. It was so interesting although i never got to win anything.

This is the second week and we have had over 20 classes and more than 15 tasks in general. The mentors and mentees working hand in hand, the co-operation and understanding. I love what i am seeing and i am also doing my part by participating fully.

Thanks once again to Zuri Team, Ingressive 4 Good and HNG internship for this opportunity and i promise to make you proud.

"A little progress each day, adds up to big results" Stay jiggy and keep the fire burning